Why Music For Children?

The three key benefits of doing music with your baby:

  1. Brain development: Musical activity exercises the brain – when an infant listens to or sings along with nursery rhymes, both sides of their brain are accessed at the same time. Adding movement to this boosts mind-body brain development as well.
  2. Language and communication development: Music prepares the ear and brain to listen to, assimilate and produce sounds. Songs and rhymes teach children new words, increasing his vocabulary. Action songs such as finger plays help them attach words to meanings.
  3. Musical development: Regular participation in musical activities during the early childhood years, will assist your child’s future development musical development.


Little Nightingales will:

  1. provide an opportunity to experiment with sounds and words.
  2. enhance understanding of rhythm and timing.
  3. improve coordination.
  4. stimulate imagination and learning.
  5. encourage language and listening skills.
  6. help self expression.
  7. improve social skills.
  8. develop and generate happy memories.
  9. help you to feel happy and positive.
  10. develop self esteem.


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