I wanted to jump for joy this morning each time you introduced yet another fabulous activity! At last I’ve found an early years music group run by a person who really understands how to teach, you are totally inspiring.  I used to really enjoy teaching music in nursery, my name was always ‘Mrs Piano Morgan’ and it was lovely to re-live some of the activities with you today that I used to teach as well. 

It is wonderful to know that our precious granddaughter will be able to attend your sessions and begin to gain a ‘proper’ music foundation on which to build her later skills. On her return to our home today, Bella immediately searched for her instrument box, sought out her claves and sang and tapped happily, keeping the rhythm for Baa baa black sheep! After just one session, this is the difference I could see, a child so engaged that she wants more! 

(Heather and Bella 2 and a half years)


Liz absolutely loves what she’s doing and this is reflected hugely in the way she interacts and engages with the children. She is enthusiastic, fun and extremely welcoming.
We will be back next week!

(Kirsty and Autumn 17 months)


We had Liz at my little boys first birthday! We had a wonderful time and had so much fun! Thank you Liz!!!

(Zoe and Toby 12 months)


Ben and I really enjoy this group. Ben has grown in confidence and is now the first to take the instruments in/out of the bag. He can also sing the tune to Little Nightingales, although the words are still a challenge!

(Elaine and Ben 18 months)


My little boy loves little nightingales, it’s such a relaxed lovely class. We have met some lovely people there and we are looking forward to going back in September to learn more with the lovely Liz!

(Carly and Camden 12 months)


My little boy loved going to Little Nightingales, we’ve had to stop now he has started nursery but he still talks about it sometimes. Liz makes all the little ones (and the grown-ups) feel welcome and has a beautiful singing voice to lead the class…

(Ruth and Arvo 17 months)


We had such a lovely time at my grandson’s 1st birthday today. Lots of little ones were entertained for over an hour. Lots of singing, laughing and no crying
I wish this would have been around for my children well done.

(Fran and Toby 12 months)


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