In all our music and singing classes for children and babies, we use a variety of familiar and new songs, chosen to develop confidence and independence. We sing, we play different instruments in accompaniment, wave scarves, move around the room and generally have fun with music, all the while learning simple musical concepts such as tempo and dynamics. See your little one’s confidence grow week by week as they join in with the activities at their own level, whilst developing fun friendships with others in the class.

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Chicks (3-18 months)

Little ones enjoy the structure of our sessions. We incorporate a lot of repetition allowing them to become familiar with the songs and activities, while gradually developing their skills and independence.

It’s amazing how quickly your little one will learn how to play simple percussion instruments such as tambourines, maracas and guiros. This helps them to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

We also have fun with our multi sensory props, waving and playing with scarves, ribbons and stretching our special material.

Toddlers also develop motor skills in class such as walking rhythmically around the room, playing with the parachute, using simple music and movement activities.

Fledglings (12 months and up)

Each session has a learning theme which is chosen to excite and stimulate your child. In every fledglings’ session, we use two different instruments to develop musical concepts such as tempo and dynamics, and puppets and multi-sensory props to enhance enjoyment.

Your little ones will enjoy a variety of familiar and new songs, chosen to develop confidence and independence.

See your child become more adept at playing a variety of musical instruments such as claves and castanets as well as learn musical concepts such as rhythm, tempo and dynamics.

Nestlings (all ages welcome)

Combining elements from Chicks and Fledglings classes, these sessions often appeal to families who have children across the different age ranges. The activities are differentiated so that the older children will be able to do them independently, while the younger children and babies will feel comfortable with the support of their adult. It is wonderful to see the children’s independence, confidence and skills increase as they develop over the course of a term or longer.



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